The magic moment
From order in to order out, Hyphen handles it all. Watch as the elevator presents perfectly portioned meals, ready for consolidation or pickup.
All your orders,
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Hyphen integrates with several third-party platforms for seamless order intake, and batch production capabilities for catering and grab-and-go fulfillment.
Hyphen integrates with several third-party platforms for seamless order intake and batch production.
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Penne pasta
Black beans
Feta cheese
Basmati rice
Diced tomatoes
Queso blanco
Shredded cheese
Pomegranate seeds
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Dispenser A
Various dispensers adapt and handle ingredients with care - ensuring culinary integrity is always maintained. Utilize multiple dispenser types based on your menu.
Dispenser B
Used for guacamole and non-free-flowing paste dispenses. An automatic chute prevents dripping and unwanted discharge. 
Dispenser C
Best for granules and ingredients with fluids - flexible agitators and an automatic gate maintain braise and hold back excess fluids.
Dispenser D
Dispense liquids, salsas, and dressings with ease - directly and precisely into the meal.
Dispenser E
A paddle rotates ingredients for dispense, best for leafy greens, bulkier cuts, and tortilla chips.
Dispenser F
Horizontal dispenser for ingredients with large amounts of liquids - like diced tomatoes and viscous items.
The Makelight
Makelights illuminates to nudge staff when ingredients are running low, while closing the loop on QA.
Fast cleanup
With push-to-unlock features, the Makeline doesn’t require tools and cleans in as little as 15 minutes. Each component fits into a standard 3 compartment sink or commercial dishwasher.
hyphen makline operators in-use restaurant kia center
Perfect plating
Curate your ideal plating pattern and push it to production in an instant via over the air updates - ensuring a consistent experience across your entire fleet.
See it work
Cold cabinets ensure consistent freshness and culinary integrity for greens, veggies, and other various categories. Temperature settings can range from 33°F to 41°F.
Hot cabinetCold CabinetAmbient Cabinet
Machine intelligence
A suite of sensors, LiDAR, and vision systems guide the meal from start to finish, ensuring precisely portioned and perfectly plated meals every time.